The Azerbaijan Medical Group (AMG) has been working since 2004. The world's leading pharmaceutical manufacturers are NATROL, VITALABS, UAP (USA), ADRINE GAGNON (Canada), GOLGSCHIEELD (UK), VITARMONYL (France) FORTEX (Bulgaria). Including medicines from leading pharmaceutical companies such as ZDOROVIE (Ukraine),VEGA Ilaç, IMHOTEP, GH YILDIZ (Turkey). AMG is a small, but a team of professionals who are constantly working on their mission as a collective mission of the company to ensure the correct transmission and information. AMG - organizes the sale of high-quality drugs that meet world standards, and not only Azerbaijani standards. Our values:
• Value and respect for the person
• Confidence
• A responsibility
• Quality
• To be successful
• Innovative ideas
• Correct information